Thursday, April 11th | 11am ET/4pm BST

GenAI brings big opportunity, but in the near term, has the potential to throw strategy, in-flight investments and all bets up the air.  How to adjust your strategy and roadmap in response?

This webinar focuses on the decision approaches to take right now – the smartest “no regret” actions in the near term while setting your organization on the right course for successful adoption of GenAI in legal.

Facilitated by Factor’s Jess Block, a panel featuring Casey Flaherty, Chief Strategy Officer at LexFusion; Donovan Bell, Director of Information and Contract Experience at Intel, and Michael Callier, Global Head of Consulting at Factor, will discuss: 

  • Where to stay on course, what to rethink, what to re-prioritize, and what to strategically add to the near-term agenda, to best prepare for and maximize GenAI opportunities
  • How to reassess & minimize risks of big-ticket technology mistakes ... while avoiding sunk-cost paralysis
  • Impacts to Legal Services delivery Operating Models

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